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progeCAD professional pricing for NEW licenses.

progeCAD 2020 professional edition (WIN OS)

RM 1,470.00

Single License (SL)
system requirements

Per-License Price.

  • This is the most common progeCAD license that suits many users.
  • Single license (SL) for single PC system. progeCAD is installed and activated on a single PC.

SL licenses are assigned to individual users and can’t be shared. The Single License allows the same user to keep the software installed simultaneously on a desktop and a laptop for more flexibility.

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Note: For 5 licenses & above, please contact us

RM 2,260.00

Network License (NLM)
system requirements

Per-License Price.

  • progeCAD licenses are managed by Network License Manager (NLM). NLM can be installed into a server or a workstation under the same LAN network. 

NLM license can be installed into many PCs around the same LAN network. On execution of progeCAD, a license will be released by the NLM. On terminating progeCAD, the license will be restored into NLM for next progeCAD execution. See extra note below. 

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Note: For 5 licenses & above, please contact us

Extra note on NLM:  progeCAD NLM can be installed into as many PCs as you want. However, you can use the software simultaneously only on the number of purchased seats. (For example, if you have 8 licenses and 10 users, all users have access, but only 8 users can use the product at any ONE time. Because you can install the products on more systems than the number of licenses purchased, you get true floating licenses across your entire organization.) License Take-Away included: thanks to this feature NLM licenses can be temporarily moved on laptops or a remote PC to be used offline. Max flexibility!

iCADMAC 2019 edition (MAC OS X)

Single License (SL)

Per-License Price
Reference to iCADMAC website

  • We do not have direct support for iCADMAC as it is supported by 3rd party software company.
  • Bulk Purchase Discount NOT available for this item.

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Single License (SL)

Nos. Price (RM) Per-License %
1 - 2 RM 1,470.00 0%
3 - 4 RM 1,396.50 5%
5 - 9 RM 1,323.00 10%
10 - 19 RM 1,249.50 15%
20 Above RM 1,176.00 20%

Network License (NLM)

Nos. Price (RM) Per-License %
1 - 2 RM 2,260.00 0%
3 - 4 RM 2,147.00 5%
5 - 9 RM 2,034.00 10%
10 - 19 RM 1,921.00 15%
20 Above RM 1,808.00 20%

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Add-On iCare Subscription (Optional)

RM 720.00

iCare Subscription

Duration One (1) Year

Optional Add-On iCare Subscription at only RM 720.00 (1st year) if buy together with progeCAD professional edition. Yearly renewal price is at RM 935.00.
*This item no discount.

Benefits of iCare Subscription

  • One (1) year subscription-based maintenance and support program available. The iCare subscription offers a variety of benefits to help customers get the most out of their progeCAD software. 
  • Cut down upgrades costs and receive more value! For an annual fee, iCare customers get convenient access to the following benefits:
    • Software: you receive all progeCAD updates and new versions (e.g. iCare subscribers will receive next progeCAD edition at no charge).
    • Support: technical assistance via the web with the new help desk service through ticket, email, live chat and remote support.

Different progeCAD license solutions for Corporate.

Corporate One Site license allows the unlimited installation of software copies in the premises of a business (a building or a group of buildings situated in the same location) with the exception of laptops belonging to the organization on which the software can be installed and used by employees even out of the corporate office.

Corporate Country license allows the unlimited installation of software copies in an organization with multiple premises situated within the same country.

Corporate Global license allows the unlimited installation of software copies in an organization which has multiple premises situated worldwide.

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